New Updated Dulwich Health Catalogue

A new edition of the Dulwich Health catalogue is available now.
If you would like a hard copy version just ask, and we’ll send one out to you.
If you like you can download a PDF copy of the catalogue here.
Or if you want to see it right now, you can look through it without having to leave this page, just see below…
Dulwich Health Web Catalogue 2018

4 thoughts on “New Updated Dulwich Health Catalogue

    • Stratis Karatjas says:

      Hello and thank you for the catalogue request Please let me have a postal address for you. All the best Stratis

  1. mosumption says:

    Hi. Can i please have a hard copy of your brochure sent to me. Also query i have on your Allitech. I’m trying to get over a skin reaction (possible folliculitis) which anti biotics seem to be resistant against. I’m going to take your Oxytech capsules to realign my gut flora. Would you recommend i take Allietech & if so, which dosage? & which type – capsules or liquid? . Your advise is much appreciated.

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