My Cancer Journey with Rolf Gordon


Below is a letter I received from Deena who I have been in contact with for a while and who was badly affected by THE BIG FOUR.

The photo above shows Deena, 64 years old and ‘feeling terrific’ after 17 days of Radiotherapy.

Dear Rolf

On the 15th January, 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage 3-4 Breast Cancer. By the 22nd of January I was in hospital having the first tumour removed, followed by another operation on the 11th of February to remove a second tumour plus removing several lymph nodes. The main sentinel node was cancerous.

After I contacted you, I sent you a complete plan of our bedroom floor. You returned the plan showing a strong Geopathic Stress line going through our beds. I now lie away from the Geopathic Stress line and sleep so much better and my recovery from my operations have been swift and surprisingly painless.

You advised me to take AlliTech Liquid, 10 ml twice a day for 25 days, as I was very high in micro parasites which, you told me, antibiotics cannot destroy as they are viruses and then 2 AlliTech 450 mg capsules for 30 days to destroy any remaining micro parasites and to keep boosting my immune system. You also advised that I take 100 mg Co-Enzyme Q10, OxyTech, 20 µg Vitamin D and Bicarbonate of Soda for my low acid alkaline balance. I also bought a MagneTech and a Rebounder. The Rebounder I use daily to keep my lymphatic fluid pumping around my body.

For my chronic diarrhoea I took 6 OxyTech capsules for two nights and my stools/bowels became completely normal. I was so happy, as my GP had thought that the cancer had spread to my bowels and I was booked in for a colonoscopy* that week. This, of course, I cancelled as I had been through so much and I was feeling so much better. Now, I take 2 to 4 OxyTech capsules every night and I have never felt better.

On my visit to my Oncologist* on the 23th of March, he explained that my strain of Stage 3-4 Breast Cancer was one of the most aggressive and should the cancer return, I would only have 7 to 10 days to live and would be offered palliative care. He offered to treat me with ‘like’ aggressive chemotherapy*. This would consist of treatment for 18 weeks, 3 days at a time in hospital with 6 lines and 4 different drugs. The risks were numerous including losing my hair, eyebrows, nails and possible heart failure/blood clots etc.

Needless to say I refused chemotherapy. I decided to take 1 mg of the hormone drug Anastrozale* daily instead, as described in your book. This caused gum infection, but I just rinsed my gums with AlliTech Liquid and the gums healed almost straight away. I do not appear to be suffering from any of the other said side-effects from the drug.

I have had 20 Radiotherapy treatments which, I have remarkably sailed through with the support of your products listed above. The hospital were amazed at how well I am and how brilliant my skin looks after the strong radiotherapy doses. My operational scars have also healed to such an extent that a medic who examined me thought that I had had the operations last year, not just 3 1/2 months ago!!!

I had really bad mouth sores at the beginning of my radiotherapy treatment and immediately took 10 ml of AlliTech Liquid a day and the sores had gone within 48 hours.

When I visited my Oncologist on the 28th of August, he said that he did not need to see me for another year.

I shall continue with the AlliTech, OxyTech, Q10, Vitamin D and Selenium and have a dairy free diet. I use my Rebounder twice a day and walk about 5 miles a day, mainly by the sea and feel TERRIFIC.

Like almost everybody diagnosed with cancer, Deena was affected by THE BIG FOUR – Geopathic Stress, Micro Parasites, low in Q10 and low acid alkaline balance.

Radiotherapy* is a treatment involving the use of high-energy radiation. It’s commonly used to treat cancer.

Colonoscopy* is a test that allows your doctor to look at the inner lining of your large intestine (rectum and colon). He or she uses a thin, flexible tube called a colonoscope to look at the colon.

Oncology* is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. A medical professional who practices oncology is an oncologist.

Chemotherapy* is a type of cancer treatment, with medicine used to kill cancer cells. It kills the cancer cells by damaging them, so they can’t reproduce and spread.

Anastrozole* is a non-steroidal aromatase-inhibiting drug approved for treatment of breast cancer after surgery, as well as for metastasis in both pre and post-menopausal women.