AlliTech Vs Garlic Supplements

AlliTech Range from Dulwich Health

AlliTech Vs Garlic Supplements

Many of our customer’s often ask why AlliTech is more effective than comparative garlic supplements. Whilst garlic supplements are good for you, they do not contain any stabilised Allicin, relying on an enzymatic reaction of Alliin and Alliinase in your gut to produce the Allicin you need.

AlliTech is the only patented product on the market that gives you 100% stabilised Allicin directly. Our manufacturing process involves a special flood reaction system to product large quantities of stabilised Allicin that can be directly absorbed into the body. This sophisticated process is unlike any other and is unique to Allisure ® products like ours.

Allitech Vs Garlic

So what does this mean to us?

As you can see, the Garlic Supplement only contains 7200μg of Allicin, equal to 7.2mg in layman terms, meaning the AlliTech 450mg capsules are 60x stronger than our comparative example. Even better, when it comes to the AlliTech Liquid, which contains 1800mg per teaspoon, this is effectively absorbing 1,800,000μg of 100% pure stabilised Allicin.

But why is AlliTech so expensive compared to garlic supplements?

When talking money, which is something we all consider important, the same garlic supplement, containing the same amount of Allicin, would cost around £10.40 per tablet to purchase, opposed to £0.57 a tablet for AlliTech 450mg.

Why is Allicin more beneficial for me then garlic supplements?

Chemists discovered that Allicins highly reactive configuration provides remarkable antibiotic properties to stimulate the immune cells, killing pathogens and detoxifying carcinogens. AlliTech is a 100% natural anti-biotic, anti-fungal and antiviral supplement that works with your body’s immune system to fight infection.

The AlliTech Range: