Mega-Dose Vitamin C

It has been known for a long time that giving large quantities of Vitamin C, by intravenous infusion, has been a successful way of treating degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Gout, Heart, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis etc. Also drug overdose and miscellaneous poisons including poisonous mushrooms and snake bites.

There are some doctors in the UK who now offer Vitamin C intravenous infusions, but this can be expensive. Also you need strong veins, as several litres of liquid are inserted, throughout treatment.

Fortunately, a new form of Vitamin C has been launched which encapsulates a natural liposomal delivery system, which gets the Vitamin C directly into the blood, the same as intravenous infusion, and is claimed to be very powerful. It is highly bioavailable and non acidic.

Recommend dose, one sachet 1-2 times per day or as directed by a health practitioner. Cut the notched end of the sachet, squeeze the contents into your mouth and mix it with a little of your favourite cool drink. Alternatively, empty the contents of a sachet into a small cool drink before drinking it all. Wait at least 15 minutes before eating.

Keep out of reach of children. If you are on warfarin, pregnant or breastfeeding, consult with your health practitioner beforehand.

You can buy the product on the internet from Amazon under the name of Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. You can take Mega-Dose of Vitamin C with all other supplements, pharmaceutical drugs and during any medical treatment. Unlike antibiotics and vaccinations, Vitamin C has no unhealthy side effects. Even when taking very large doses of Vitamin C, it is not toxic.

If one is high in micro parasites, one should also take AlliTech.

Do not expect wide acceptance of Mega-Dose Vitamin C in traditional emergency treatment centres in the near future, so keep your own supply of Mega-Dose Vitamin C in stock.

More Information
Twice Nobel Prize Laureate research scientist, Linus Pauling, working with cancer specialist Dr. Ewan Cameron in Scotland, gave 100 tenninally ill cancer patients 1O,000mg of Vitamin C each day, plus a course of intravenous Vitamin C treatment. When they compared the outcome with 1000 cancer patients given conventional treatment, the survival rate was five times longer in those taking Vitamin C. While all of the 1000 ‘controlled patients’ died within a short period, 13 of the Vitamin C patients were still alive several years later, with 12 apparently free from cancer.

A ten year research study of 11 ,000 men and women at the University of California, found that women with the highest Vitamin C intake had a 25% lower death rate from heart disease and 42% reduced death rate from cancer.

Humans, monkeys and guinea pigs are the only ones wbo cannot synthesise Vitamin C. Most wild animals who have not been treated with drugs and honnones die of old age, unless killed by a predator. Adult goats with roughly the body weight as a human adult, synthesise 13,000 mg of Vitamin C daily and can double this if ill.

Studies published in medical journals, show mega-dose Vitamin C gave the following results:

  • 60 out of 60 polio victims cured, without any lingering complications all within five days.
  • Resolved 327 out of 327 cases of shingles in three days.
  • Treated 7 of 7 cases of rheumatic fever just as quickly.

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Two Case histories
Allan Smith a New Zealand farmer was diagnosed with swine flu, pneumonia and leukaemia. His lungs were so filled with infection that he had to be hooked up to an ECMO, which by-passes functions for the lungs outside the body. After nearly four weeks in an induced coma with aggressive medical intervention, his condition was no better. When the intensive care specialist team met, it was unanimously agreed that Allan should be removed from the ECMO and allowed to die. Continuing would only prolong his inevitable death.

The family protested that the doctors had not tried everything and insisted that they give him high dose Vitamin C intravenously. Two days before Allan’s scheduled removal from life support, the doctors consented to allow the Vitamin C therapy even while stating “we are all in agreement that Vitamin C will be of no benefit”.

After only two 25,000 mg infusions of Vitamin C, X-rays revealed a significant clearing of the lungs. The Vitamin C therapy was continued at a rate of 100,000 mg per day. Within a few days, Allan had improved rapidly to the point where he could breathe on his own and he was removed from the ECMO.

Allan’s condition then started to deteriorate and when questioned, the hospital admitted that the Vitamin C had been discontinued. His family insisted that the Vitamin C therapy be reinstated. The  doctors capitulated, but only continued with a meagre 2,000 mg per day. The patient did start to improve again, but at a very slow rate. Why the doctors resumed Vitamin C at a dose that was only 2% of the earlier beneficial dose defies logic, if Allan’s welfare was the main concern.

When Allan improved to the point that he could be moved to a hospital closer to home, the new set of doctors discontinued the Vitamin C therapy. Predictably, Allan started to deteriorate. This time the family had to hire a solicitor to force a resumption of Vitamin C therapy, but the new hospital would only administer 2,000 mg intravenous per day. Even so, the patient started to recover. As soon as Allan was able to swallow, his family fed him large doses of oral liposome encapsulated Vitamin C. To the doctors’ amazement, Allan walked out of the hospital several weeks before they thought it possible. Furthermore, there was no longer any evidence of leukaemia.

Frank Salaman his pet dog got excited and bit into his right index finger. A doctor checked the bite and administered a tetanus injection and prescribed an antibiotic. During the next four days, Frank’s right hand swelled.up to twice its normal size, became discoloured and caused him intolerable pain that the medication could not suppress. Doctors at the emergency hospital diagnosed that the bacteria had eaten away some of the bone, the joint and the knuckle and had travelled down his hand. Frank was put on intravenous antibiotics 24 hours a day. His hand was slashed open across the palm and down both sides of the finger to the bone and washed every two hours.

Frank’s wife, Maureen, President of The National Health Federation in USA, went to the hospital Board to try and get Vitamin C administered intravenously to Frank. She was told that they were sure that it was a good treatment, but as they knew nothing about it, they did not allow any treatments of which they had no knowledge.

After five weeks of ineffective treatment, Frank and Maureen were told that there was only one way to save Frank’s life: Amputation! After consulting Doctor Robert Cathcart, a Vitamin C expert, they decided to leave the hospital and drove directly to a local clinic that routinely administered high-dose Vitamin C. Immediately, the doctors started an intravenous infusion of 75,000 mg Vitamin C.

Within two treatments the pain, which had required two codeine tablets every few hours, stopped!After nine days of treatment, the infection and swelling were totally gone. The deep open wound from the surgery, had healed with only hairline scars left as a reminder.

Frank kept his appointment for the planned amputation. With a broad smile, he held out his hand, which was no longer misshapen or discoloured, to shake the hand of the surgeon!