Gall Bladder Flush to Eliminate Stones

It is estimated that over 3 million people would wide have now carried out GBF with no adverse effects cases reported. Surgery removal of a gall bladder is a major operation, costly and long recovery period. Even laser and keyhole surgery is not always successful.

Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have safely eliminated gall bladder stones in a few days without pain, with a combination of apple juice, olive oil and lemon juice. Success rate is 95%. Here is how to do the flush.

  1. For 5 days prior to ‘flush’ drink 2 litres of fresh pure apple juice daily (normal juice from shops). Eat normal but as fat free as possible.
  2. On the sixth day, have no evening meal.
    At 9 pm take 1 or 2 teaspoons of Epsom Salts or Andrews Liver Salts dissolved in 1 to 2 fluid ounces (30 to 60 ml) of warm water.
    At 10pm mix half a cup 4ozs, (120ml) olive oil with 2ozs (60ml) fresh lemon juice. Shake vigorously and drink all down.
    IMMEDIATELY upon finishing the olive oil and juice go to bed and lie on your right side with your right knee drawn up toward your chin. Remain in this position for 30 minutes before going to sleep. This encourages the olive oil to drain from your stomach, helping contents of the olive oil to move into the small intestine.
  3. Next morning the stones will pass and will be yellow grey or green in colour and soft as putty varying in size of grains of sand to some as large as your thumbnail. You may have the urge to go to the toilet several times before the stones pass. You will not feel a thing but will be amazed at the results. Thousands have done this instead of major surgery. Even laser and keyhole surgery is not always successful.
  4. If you are not satisfied with the results try the flush out a few days afterwards or even double the dose of olive oil and lemon juice.
    It maybe advisable to have a flush out at regular intervals say four to five years apart.

Note: It has been reported that drinking ESSIAC tea takes any pain away you may have, before you take the Gall Bladder Flush. Others maintain the pain goes away, as soon as you start drinking the apple juice.

Kidney Stones
A very old remedy from a German doctor is reported to give very good results.

Wash-clean six ordinary sized red beetroot. Do not peel or slice. Boil for one hour in water covering the beetroot, slowly so as not to boil the water away. Bottle the water and place in refrigerator to prevent souring. Drink three glasses daily over the next three to four days. This dissolves the stones, but some small ones may pass. Hardly ever will a second boiling be necessary.
Use the same treatment to dissolve gravel in the bladder, but it might require a longer treatment.

Do not take any vinegar, while drinking the beetroot water.
If you cannot get fresh beetroot, buy canned beetroot and drink the water in the can.

If you do not have enough Magnesium (see details on Magnesium) your body cannot utilise the calcium in your body. This can result in surplus calcium forming stones in your kidney.

One man reported he was told he had stones in his kidneys. He took 200-300mg Magnesium per day for three months and the hospital confirmed the kidney stones had gone (saving an operation).


Some of the letters and comments on Gall Bladder Flush that Dulwich Health has received:

Using GBF six stones came out as big as pennies. Cancelled Gall Bladder operation. Mrs B O (London, SW7)

Tried GBF which resulted in many stones coming out, confirmed by scan. Mrs P M (Clonhill, Beds)

Had enormous pain. Scan confirmed many stones in Gall Bladder. Took the recommended apple juice for 5 days. Had the Epsom Salts and cupful of olive oil and lemon juice in the evening. Next morning early passed about a hundred small stones soft as putty. For the last ten years have been able to eat fats and cream, chocolate cakes without any discomfort. Mr R D (London, SE 26)

Bit disappointed only 5 stones came out, but they were as big as small finger nails! Hairdresser

“Over the moon’ GBF flushed out hundreds of stones”. Mrs E M C (Cardiff)

Scan showed no more stones after GBF. Mrs M H (Kingston, Surrey)

“I have given details about GBF to a number of my patients one of whom was about to have his Gall Bladder removed. He ran out of count at 72 stones after having done the ‘washout’. He phoned me to thank me for saving him from major surgery. I advised him to take the stones, which he had collected and put into a jam jar to his doctor. He did so. Got her (a lady doctor) to cancel his operation which she did and the doctor got the remedy for him. That was three years ago and the gentleman concerned would do an occasional ‘wash out’ just to be on the safe side. He has had no gall bladder trouble since”. Practitioner (E K, Belfast)

“GBF worked fantastic”. Robin O’S (Kent)

GBF flushed out 64 gall stones some as big as finger nails. *Gilda W Practitioner (Aberdeen) 
**One of her patients flushed out stones as big as Quails Eggs!!

First GBF flushed out many stones. Second flush a month afterwards flushed out two half inch stones plus many smaller stones. Bob O’S (Kent)

Dear Rolf
Thankyou soooo much for posting this information, the Gall Bladder Flush worked for me and I expelled close to ¼ pint of material, one as large as a Robins egg. I was in terrible pain and scans showed nothing. I tried the flush and feel soooo much better, and the thought of having an operation really did NOT appeal to me. All I can say is Thank you. 

P.S. Andy Warhol, the famous modern artist, died on 22 February 1987 in a New York Hospital following a gall bladder operation. Darren Russell, Leighton Buzzard, Beds LU7

Dear Rolf
Thankyou so much for sending me the “Gall Bladder Flush” instructions.
I did the ‘flush’ as directed and no joy. I then repeated the ‘flush’ a few days later with a double dose of olive oil and lemon. The next morning I passed dozens of green stones the size of finger nails!
I can’t thank you enough! I am passing copies of the instructions around everywhere, even to my local Health Food Shop!
Yours truly, Wendy Marston.

Please copy these instructions and post them to others.