Some case histories using AlliTech Liquid, Capsules & Gel

Lyme Disease
Angela W in Wales, was stung twice by ticks living on sheep and was violently ill from Lyme disease a few months afterwards. No amount of antibiotics from her doctor helped, but within about six weeks of taking AlliTech Liquid daily, the parasites had gone and Angela’s health had much improved. Horse Cello cleared Lyme Disease in 3 weeks. E.Coli badly affected Alison on a sailing holiday. After taking four AlliTech Capsules 450mg per day, she recovered enough to go back to work after 3 days. Her doctor was amazed.

Multiple Sclerosis
Mette H, North London started to get severe MS attacks at regular intervals after giving birth to Jesse. Mette had no feeling in her legs. As soon as she started taking AlliTech Liquid twice a day, she had no more attacks and was no longer on steroids. Three months later, Mette can walk again indoors without support, and now drives her children to school by car.

The Sun newspaper reported on 12 June, 2008 that more than 50 people with MRSA had been successfully treated with allicin preparation. Many of the patients had wounds which had refused to heal for several years, despite prolonged treatment with antibiotics. Dr Ron Cutler confirmed that he had patients who were due to have surgery to remove MRSA infected tissues, but after using allicin, their wounds had healed. Four week old Karen contracted MRSA as soon as she was born. She was treated with large quantities of antibiotics, which had no effect on the MRSA. Karen was then given half a teaspoon of AlliTech Liquid with honey four times a day. Within two weeks she was clear of MRSA.

Alison N. Surrey had a lot of pain from an infection and inflammation in the inner lining of her colon and no drugs had helped. Within two weeks of taking AlliTech Liquid, Alison’s pain had gone.

Pneumonia and Upper Respiratory Infection (URI)
Dr Tom Ballard, Seattle, USA reported in November 2007. I treated eight patients with severe URI and one with pneumonia by inhaling 2 to 1 of saline and AlliTech Liquid in a nebuliser. All felt relief from the nebuliser and none returned for further treatment”.

AlliTech and Hospitals
Hospitals have bought AlliTech Gel to put on tubes etc. inserted into the body to prevent infections, which present disinfectants are not coping with.

Vagina and Vulva Infection
Anne H Brighton became very uncomfortable after chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She had tried strong creams with no affect. Anne applied AlliTech Gel direct. All the discomfort disappeared very quickly.

Rolf Gordon had a persistent strong cough for about two months. Within one week of taking 2 x 5 ml AlliTech Liquid per day, the cough stopped completely.

Horse quick recovery
Magic was one year old when he became very ill. The vet put him on massive doses of antibiotics with no results. 2 x 5 ml AlliTech Liquid was initially put into Magic’s mouth with a syringe. A few days later he got his appetite back, so the AlliTech Liquid was put into Magic’s feed. Within 10 days, a marked improvement was seen in Magic’s health and after three weeks he was as lively as all the other horses in the field.

Honey Bees
John had 200 beehives and found 20 of them were attacked by the European Foulbrood bacteria. John sprayed the affected trays daily with 1 part AlliTech Liquid For Animals and 4 parts water. Within five days the bacteria had been destroyed.

Insect repellent
Mr Duncan was using AlliTech Liquid as an insect repellent and external antimicrobial salve.
“It proved very effective on a small area of skin that was inflamed and itchy; I sprayed a 50/50 mix of AlliTech Liquid and distilled water on the area and within moments the itching stopped and the inflammation disappeared a few minutes later. I was quite impressed considering how much I can’t stand the taste or smell of garlic. Absolutely loathe it. I’ve known for a long time about the powerful and beneficial effects of garlic, I just couldn’t bring myself to use it therapeutically.
That’s all changed now as, shock of horrors, I’ve even put some of this vile tasting stuff down my throat! I drank 5 mls a day for three days and on the third day I expectorated a small, green plug of sputum. Whoah! I guess it killed off something and my body threw it out.”