Hay fever season? We’ve got your back.

It is estimated during spring, summer and early autumn tree pollen, grass pollen, and weed pollen will affect around 10 million people in England with hay fever and allergic respiratory problems.

Hay fever usually begins in childhood or during your teenage years, but you can get it at any age.

A study published in the June 2010 issue of Phytotherapy Research demonstrates Pycnogenol, a unique plant extract containing French maritime bark (Pinus pinaster), which is grown in sustainable French forests, contains potent antioxidants* that protect the cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals and is a natural source of proanthocyanidins, which substantially improves the symptoms of hay fever. 

60 people (between 18-65) that tested positive to birch pollen allergies by skin prick tests, were assigned to a double blind trial taking either 50mg Pycnogenol or a placebo twice daily (alongside recorded usage of any non prescription antihistamine products). In the study – approved by “Health Canada” authorities- subjects taking Pycnogenol seven weeks before onset of the birch season required very little non-prescription antihistamine medication (12.5%) compared with subjects taking the placebo (50%) 

Other studies have also revealed Pycnogenol to favourably affect patients suffering from allergies. Two earlier clinical trials showed that Pycnogenol improves symptoms and breathing ability of asthma patients. Asthma is likewise triggered by airborne allergens and Pycnogenol was demonstrated to significantly decrease leukotriene levels, an inflammatory mediator involved in asthma and hay fever alike. Human pharmacologic studies have pointed to a general anti-inflammatory potency of Pycnogenol

Recommended dosage with meals:
First week: 2 tablets twice per day (total of 4 tablets a day)
Thereafter: 1 tablet twice per day (total of 2 tablets a day) Or as directed by a physician.

Our Pycnogenol supplements are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. There are no adverse effects or contra-indications reported regarding taking Pycnogenol supplements from Pharma Nord. 

A price comparison has identified Bio-Pycnogenol as the best value for money Pycnogenol product in the UK amongst leading high street brands.

* Free radicals are substances created by our own metabolism, as well as by environmental factors (such as smoking, air pollution and UV light exposure). In excess, free radicals may be harmful in the body and are linked to many degenerative diseases. Antioxidants such as those found in Pycnogenol may be beneficial in countering free radical effects. Pycnogenol supplements contain potent antioxidants, with antioxidant activity approximately twenty times that of vitamin C. Because of the chemical structure of Pycnogenol, it can be incorporated into and protect both the aqueous (cytoplasmic) and lipid (cell membrane) phases of cells from damage by free radicals. It also promotes increased availability of vitamin C within the body.

My Cancer Journey with Rolf Gordon


Below is a letter I received from Deena who I have been in contact with for a while and who was badly affected by THE BIG FOUR.

The photo above shows Deena, 64 years old and ‘feeling terrific’ after 17 days of Radiotherapy.

Dear Rolf

On the 15th January, 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage 3-4 Breast Cancer. By the 22nd of January I was in hospital having the first tumour removed, followed by another operation on the 11th of February to remove a second tumour plus removing several lymph nodes. The main sentinel node was cancerous.

After I contacted you, I sent you a complete plan of our bedroom floor. You returned the plan showing a strong Geopathic Stress line going through our beds. I now lie away from the Geopathic Stress line and sleep so much better and my recovery from my operations have been swift and surprisingly painless.

You advised me to take AlliTech Liquid, 10 ml twice a day for 25 days, as I was very high in micro parasites which, you told me, antibiotics cannot destroy as they are viruses and then 2 AlliTech 450 mg capsules for 30 days to destroy any remaining micro parasites and to keep boosting my immune system. You also advised that I take 100 mg Co-Enzyme Q10, OxyTech, 20 µg Vitamin D and Bicarbonate of Soda for my low acid alkaline balance. I also bought a MagneTech and a Rebounder. The Rebounder I use daily to keep my lymphatic fluid pumping around my body.

For my chronic diarrhoea I took 6 OxyTech capsules for two nights and my stools/bowels became completely normal. I was so happy, as my GP had thought that the cancer had spread to my bowels and I was booked in for a colonoscopy* that week. This, of course, I cancelled as I had been through so much and I was feeling so much better. Now, I take 2 to 4 OxyTech capsules every night and I have never felt better.

On my visit to my Oncologist* on the 23th of March, he explained that my strain of Stage 3-4 Breast Cancer was one of the most aggressive and should the cancer return, I would only have 7 to 10 days to live and would be offered palliative care. He offered to treat me with ‘like’ aggressive chemotherapy*. This would consist of treatment for 18 weeks, 3 days at a time in hospital with 6 lines and 4 different drugs. The risks were numerous including losing my hair, eyebrows, nails and possible heart failure/blood clots etc.

Needless to say I refused chemotherapy. I decided to take 1 mg of the hormone drug Anastrozale* daily instead, as described in your book. This caused gum infection, but I just rinsed my gums with AlliTech Liquid and the gums healed almost straight away. I do not appear to be suffering from any of the other said side-effects from the drug.

I have had 20 Radiotherapy treatments which, I have remarkably sailed through with the support of your products listed above. The hospital were amazed at how well I am and how brilliant my skin looks after the strong radiotherapy doses. My operational scars have also healed to such an extent that a medic who examined me thought that I had had the operations last year, not just 3 1/2 months ago!!!

I had really bad mouth sores at the beginning of my radiotherapy treatment and immediately took 10 ml of AlliTech Liquid a day and the sores had gone within 48 hours.

When I visited my Oncologist on the 28th of August, he said that he did not need to see me for another year.

I shall continue with the AlliTech, OxyTech, Q10, Vitamin D and Selenium and have a dairy free diet. I use my Rebounder twice a day and walk about 5 miles a day, mainly by the sea and feel TERRIFIC.

Like almost everybody diagnosed with cancer, Deena was affected by THE BIG FOUR – Geopathic Stress, Micro Parasites, low in Q10 and low acid alkaline balance.

Radiotherapy* is a treatment involving the use of high-energy radiation. It’s commonly used to treat cancer.

Colonoscopy* is a test that allows your doctor to look at the inner lining of your large intestine (rectum and colon). He or she uses a thin, flexible tube called a colonoscope to look at the colon.

Oncology* is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. A medical professional who practices oncology is an oncologist.

Chemotherapy* is a type of cancer treatment, with medicine used to kill cancer cells. It kills the cancer cells by damaging them, so they can’t reproduce and spread.

Anastrozole* is a non-steroidal aromatase-inhibiting drug approved for treatment of breast cancer after surgery, as well as for metastasis in both pre and post-menopausal women.

Keep a bottle of AlliTech Liquid in your fridge this winter in case you catch flu.

Hospitals have been told to empty as many beds as possible, amidst fears that the NHS may be about to face the worst flu season in its history.
This warning comes after Australia has had the worst flu season in the last 15 years, with two and half times as many cases as last year. What happens in Australia nearly always transmits to the UK, because of the ease of global travel and tourism.
In the UK last winter, the vaccine did not work in most cases of people aged 65 and over, because their immune system was weak.
Flu is mainly caused by viruses, which AlliTech has proved over many years it can deal with. Unfortunately, antibiotics can seldom destroy viruses.

If you get a heavy flu
Teenagers and adults take up to 3 normal teaspoonsful (15ml) AlliTech Liquid in the morning and 2 teaspoonsful (10ml) in the evening.  Keep taking until you have used two bottles of AlliTech Liquid (more than 20 days).
Followed by 2 x 450 mg AlliTech Capsules per day for 30 days.

Small children can take two half teaspoonsful mixed with something they can tolerate, twice a day, for several days. Older children, teenagers, and adults can normally take AlliTech Liquid each day, they do not catch flu in the first place.  AlliTech Liquid neat or with e.g a cool drink, milk, yoghurt or smoothie. Eating some parsley will help to eliminate the smell of garlic.
If you are high in micro parasites (mainly viruses) and you just cannot take AlliTech Liquid, then take 4 x 60 x 450 mg AlliTech Capsules. Take 4 capsules in the morning and 4 capsules in the evening for just over four weeks.
A few people who go out to work, worry that their breath may smell of garlic when they take the AlliTech Liquid in the morning. Take 4 x 450 mg AlliTech Capsules  each day, they do not catch flu in the first place.in the morning on working days and 2 teaspoonsful of AlliTech Liquid in the evening. Then take 2 teaspoonsful of AlliTech Liquid in the morning and evening when not going to work, say at weekends. Some people find that they can only absorb AlliTech Liquid by rubbing it under their feet. Many people find that if they take one 450 mg AlliTech Capsule each day, they do not catch flu in the first place.

We are often told by people who take GoodHeart, that they do not seem to catch flu. This is because each GoodHeart capsule contains 180 mg of AlliTech. So, if you take two GoodHeart capsules per day, you are not only looking after your heart, but you are also absorbing 360 mg of AlliTech, to prevent you contracting viruses and flu.

Two Seagreens capsules equal to a large plateful of broccoli.

Getting enough iodine is important for everybody. Your body does not produce iodine which is essential to make thyroid hormones that control the body’s metabolism and many other important functions.

On checking one thousand USA doctors, it was found that all the doctors, who were below par were short of iodine.

Iodine is important for:

  • Infants
  • Teenage girls
  • During pregnancy
  • Vegans
  • Anybody feeling below par

The use of iodine salt in the food industry is compulsory in 18 countries but not in the UK, resulting in the UK being one of the most iodine-deficient countries in the industrial world.
One solution is to take iodine liquid but it is quickly excreted, whereas seaweed is slow to release thereby excreted over a longer period.
Seaweed is the most nutritious plant in the world containing all the essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids in a natural form often missing from modern food.
Seagreens® grow in the crystal clear arctic waters and contain 3 different varieties of wrack not found in any other seaweed product.
Seagreens® is Europe’s only Soil Association certified product, and also Certified Organic by the Biodynamic Association GB-ORG-6 – European Organic logo introduced 2010.


Recommended dosage of Seagreens®

Babies: Give the contents of a quarter capsule per day with food.
Children 4-12 years: One capsule per day with food.
Teenagers & Adults: Two capsules each morning with food.
Adults normally feel better within a month.
Seagreens® Food capsules 500 mg suitable for Vegans.

Cry-Babies & Being Geopathically Stressed

In so many cases, parents had a peaceful night’s sleep, after their baby’s cot was moved to a Geopathically Stressed-free place, recommended by me.
Before contacting me, try and place the cot in various places or use the Muscle Test (described in ‘The Big Four’, page 32) to find a good place for the cot.

Here’s a link to a PDF copy of ‘The Big Four’ a hard copy is also available FREE of charge from our website click here.

If your baby is still crying, it may be because you are too anxious to comfort your baby too soon. In a recent article in The Daily Telegraph, researchers at Warwick University analysed data on almost 8,700 children and found in Denmark and Germany, crying levels are much lower, as parents are more relaxed about their babies and are more likely to wait a minute or two after they begin crying, before picking them up. Your baby may wake up and cry because it has had a bad dream, which it may soon forget about.

Another reason why babies cry a lot, is because they suffer from colic. If your baby is being breastfed, the mother may need to solve the baby’s digestion problems by taking OxyTech.
Babies as young as a few weeks old, with microparasites (mainly viruses), which antibiotics cannot destroy, have been cleared of micro-parasites within weeks by giving them half a teaspoonful of AlliTech Liquid with something they can tolerate, four times a day.

Have a peaceful night’s sleep.
Best wishes.

Rolf Gordon Signature

AlliTech Liquid

I got rid of my heavy cold within 24 hours by taking AlliTech Liquid… 
…and so have several other people.

The amount of AlliTech Liquid to take, depends on the individual. Angela who can only take small amounts per day, succeeded by taking one teaspoonful, twice a day. I needed 4 teaspoonfuls in the morning and 3 later in the day.

It is worth keeping a 250 ml bottle of AlliTech Liquid in your fridge permanently.

If used after the ‘Best Before’ date, the AlliTech Liquid may have lost some of its strength, but is perfectly usable. So before taking it, shake the bottle well and take twice your normal dosage.
Small children can take two half teaspoonfuls with honey twice a day, for several days. Older children, teenagers and adults can normally take AlliTech Liquid with a cool drink or in their food.

If teenagers and adults are very high in micro parasites – mainly viruses which antibiotics can’t destroy – they need to take 2 x 5 ml AlliTech Liquid in the morning and evening for about 12 days (2 bottles of 250 ml AlliTech Liquid ) and then 2 x 450 mg AlliTech Capsules for 30 days to destroy any remaining micro parasites and to keep boosting their immune system. (5 ml is equal to one normal size teaspoon).

Also put a few drops of AlliTech Liquid under your tongue, like you would in a homoeopathic treatment. So some liquid gets straight into your bloodstream.

The main health problems AlliTech will deal with are:

  • Colds and Influenza
  • Coughs
  • Cold sores (use AlliTech Gel)
  • Ear and Eye Infections
  • E-Coli
  • Lyme Disease
  • Lupus
  • MRSA (all 52 patients at one hospital made a remarkable recovery)
  • Pneumonia (greatly improved within days with a nebuliser)
  • Psoriar (this is often caused by Lyme Disease)
  • Sepsis (could make you seriously ill within days)
  • Sore throat (use AlliTech Spray)
  • Threadworms
  • Thrush
  • Sore or Dry Vagina (Use AlliTech Gel)

Cats & Dogs
If they are below par, give them the contents of one AlliTech 450 mg capsule on their food for 4 or 5 days. This should make them feel so much better. (One in three dogs get Lyme Disease).

Horses & Cattle
Contact us for specific advice, as we have been successful with many illnesses.

Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year.

Rolf Gordon Signature

Magnesium Stroke protection comes in tablets

“I have seldom come across anybody dying of a heart problem before their mid-90s unless they are short of Q10.” Rolf Gordon

Pharma Nord’s Co-enzyme Q10, available here from Dulwich Health

If you want to lower your stroke risk you should increase your intake of magnesium – either by improving your diet or by taking supplements.

Swedish researchers have published study results showing that the mineral magnesium helps to prevent stroke, a condition where the brain’s oxygen supply is obstructed, either as a result of vessel clogging or cerebral bleeding. Stroke can lead to potentially detrimental brain damage. The Swedish study – a so-called meta-analysis (analysis of several studies) involving over 241,000 men and women – concludes that with every 100 mg increase in magnesium intake, the stroke risk is lowered by eight percent.

Reduces blood pressure
According to the scientists, magnesium protects particularly well against so-called ischemic stroke, effectively lowering the risk by nine percent with every 100 mg increase in magnesium intake. The researchers point to. several possible mechanisms that may contribute to the protective effect of magnesium, including the mineral’s blood pressure-lowering properties and its ability protect against type-2 diabetes.

Supplements may be necessary
Magnesium is found in nuts and leafy greens, among other things. It appears that the majority of the population fails to reach the recommended intake levels of magnesium by means of diet alone, and in such situations, a supplement like Pharma Nord Bio-Magnesium may be a handy solution.

Pharma Nord’s Bio-Magnesium, available here from Dulwich Health

The preparation, which contains three highly assimilable magnesium sources for optimal bio-availability, dissolves in the stomach within minutes. Each tablet provides 200 mg of magnesium. The RDA (Recommended Daily Intake) level for magnesium is 300-400 mg*.

*Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 201295: 362-366;

What is stroke?
A stroke occurs when blood flaw is interrupted to part of the brain. It is caused either by a blockage or rupture of a blood vessel in the brain. With out blood to supply oxygen and nutrients, brain cells may die off, sometimes causing permanent damage within minutes of the occurrence.
Stroke is the most common reason far adult onset disability. More than 30 percent of stroke victims are people who have not reached their retirement age.Save

Bio-Quinone Co-enzyme Q10

The Bio-Quinone Co-enzyme Q10 that we sell at Dulwich Health is, we think the very best on the market. Here’s a short YouTube video to explain the quality of Pharma Nord’s Q10.

Bio-Quinon Active Q10 Gold consists of soft gelatin capsules with 100 mg of Q10 in the form of active ubiquinone dissolved in vegetable oil. The capsules contains vitamin C, which contributes to normal energy metabolism.

Q10 is to some extent sensitive to sunlight and oxygen. The oil used in the Bio-Quinon Active Q10, is purged of oxygen by means of a special technique. Furthermore, the capsules are effectively protected from light to prevent the active ingredients in the capsules from being damaged or destroyed.

The Pharma Nord preparation has for several decades been one of the world’s most widely sold Q10 brands, due to the fact that it is able to demonstrate and document a high absorption.

TOP by Rolf Gordon

The three main ‘vitamins’ you need when you are eating:

T is for time.

Give yourself time to eat. Keep your food in your mouth as long as possible before swallowing, as your saliva is a major part of your digestive system.
If you eat under stress, your stomach can close down for up to two hours, so you do not benefit from your food.

O is for oxygen.

Eat slowly so you can breathe more during eating and more oxygen enters your stomach, making calories burn better and thereby your body gets the maximum benefit from your food. If you do not burn calories properly, they will be stored as fat in your body.
If you eat too quickly and wish to burn calories better, take one OxyTech capsule with your main meal. This will give you plenty of extra oxygen.

P is for pleasure.

Take pleasure in everything you eat, then your stomach will digest it better; even if you are eating something you know is a little bit ‘naughty’! If you are on a diet, have that cream cake or what you long for, now and again. Then you are much more likely to keep to a strict diet.

You must feed your soul.
It is not what you eat; it is mainly how you eat it.

Trust your gut feeling with OxyTech from Dulwich Health

Over the last 20 years, in thousands of cases, OxyTech has successfully dealt with: Candida, bloated stomach, irritable bowel, leaky-gut, skin disorder, continuous constipation or diarrhea and lack of oxygen and energy.
An unhappy gut can send signals to your brain to make you depressed, so use OxyTech, not only to help with the above problems, but also if you eat something which upsets your gut, get a tummy bug or have a hangover. So don’t forget to keep some OxyTech at home and take with you when you travel.

Don’t forget – Healthy Gut, Happy You!

OxyTech is a uniquely formulated colon conditioner which is fast acting and is scientifically designed to work gently, safely and effectively without bulky fibre, chalky taste or harsh side-effects.
It breaks debris in the colon into very small pieces that can be easily and gently eliminated. A clean and healthy colon can lead to more effective absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

In OxyTech, Ozone (O3) and (O2) are bonded to magnesium. When the OxyTechcapsules are ingested with water in the stomach, the bonding between magnesium and oxygen molecules is cleaved and the oxygen is absorbed by the blood, lymph and cellular fluids very quickly.

Questions & Answers:

How long can I take OxyTech?
“One should never advise people to take any supplement forever. I have taken on average 4 OxyTech capsules a day for about the last 20 years and couldn’t do without them to regulate my digestive system and give me more energy” Rolf Gordon

Could the Magnesium in the OxyTech be too much for me?
Magnesium is vital to enable your body to function properly and is very good for you. The majority of the Magnesium is used up creating the oxygen. OxyTech is perfect for getting a good “flow” through your colon and in the process releases any debris in the colon collected
over the years

Can I take OxyTech with such and such medicine, antibiotics, steroids, homeopathic remedies etc.?
We jokingly say ‘can you breathe when you take these medicines etc.?’ It can be taken with everything and is particularly good if you take antibiotics, which may damage some good digestive bacteria that love OxyTech.

Is OxyTech a Laxative?
Laxatives irritate your bowels to make them forcefully expel. They are habit forming and they stretch and expand your colon unnecessarily. On the contrary, OxyTech regenerates your colon lining, so that it functions normally.


Can children take OxyTech?
It is ideal for children at any age who are constipated or are taking antibiotics. If the child is too small to swallow capsules, the contents from a capsule can be spread on food, mixed in a smoothie, taken with honey etc.

If I get food poisoning?
Take a large dose of OxyTech (say up to 10 capsules) as soon as possible.

How do I deal with constipation?
Increase the nightly dose of OxyTech until constipation has been solved. Keep taking this dose for one week  then bring dosage back to a maintenance dose. This should keeps your system regular.

Will OxyTech help with my candida and/or other digestive problems?
One of the main causes of candida is the frequent and prolonged intake of antibiotics, both direct and indirect through the food chain from antibiotics given to farm animals or from you taking steroids such as cortisone and the contraceptive pill.

My baby has colic?
If you are breast feeding, you take OxyTech to regulate your body. If bottle feeding give baby OxyTech powder by teaspoon mixed with honey.


Don’t forget – Healthy Gut, Happy You!
Buy OxyTech

Staying healthy this winter

Many of our customers, who mix with lots of people during the day, were the only ones who did not get colds and flu last winter by taking one 450mg AlliTech capsule per day.

Of all the people who had the flu jab last year, only 34% had any benefit. About seven million take statins. The pills seem to stop the flu jab working, as it lowers the immune response.

Why AlliTech is so successful is because it kills viruses, which antibiotics have difficulty in dealing with.

We recommend one 180mg AlliTech capsule per day for children.
Dulwich Health’s offices will be closed from the 24th to the 28th of December 2015.

Wishing you a happy, festive holiday and a healthy New Year from all at Dulwich Health.

Cancer The Full Menu – By Rolf Gordon

“This is the most comprehensive and informative book written on cancer. I strongly recommend it to anybody, whether or not they have cancer”.
Dr Patrick Kingsley who has dealt with thousands of cancer patients during 30 years in practice.

This book has been written to inform you of the ‘full menu’ when you speak to your cancer specialist, to ensure that the most suitable orthodox treatment is available to you. Also to let you know ‘the full menu’ regarding complementary remedies, to make sure your treatment is more successful and your cancer is less likely to return, or to minimise the chances of you getting cancer in the first place.
Rolf Gordon’s eldest son, Mads, died when he was 26 years old, of testicular cancer over 25 years ago. This made Rolf switch his energy from manufacturing a variety of industrial products, to searching the world to find out how to prevent cancer.

Orthodox treatment simply addresses the symptoms. Most do not prevent you getting cancer again.

Only your body can repair your weak immune system, which is the main cause of cancer in the first place. That is why you have to take charge of your own health and deal with THE BIG FOUR.

If orthodox treatment could always cure cancer, then there would be no need for complementary remedies, that is why about 50% of cancer patients turn to some form of complementary treatment.

This book is free to any medical student, to ensure they know what will be general knowledge within 20 years. (Name, address & proof required).

Quick and easy read
Each chapter on the 25 main types of cancer plus children’s and animal cancer can be read on their own.

All is written in an easy to read language in great detail about symptoms, research, explaining about individual cancers, diagnosis, latest orthodox treatment and how to ensure a higher success rate. There are also chapters on chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, lasers, nutrition, how your immune system works and powerful and successful complementary therapies.

Also what to take to hospital and how to successfully eliminate MRSA quickly if you get it. About financial help during cancer treatment, insurance and vaccinations when travelling abroad, how to help friends with cancer etc.

You will be lucky to find all this information within hundreds of hours on the internet or in books,yet what you are interested in can be read very quickly.

Read the first chapter now! Download as a PDF

Click here to buy ‘Cancer – the full menu’

The Big Four – By Rolf Gordon

“Due to five members of my immediate family dying of cancer, I have spent the last 24 years researching why people get cancer. This has helped me to discover why people also get other serious long-term illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, etc. In all the thousands of cancer cases and other seriously ill people that I have been involved with, they were all badly affected by what I call ‘THE BIG FOUR’, which very few doctors investigate. They can easily, all four, be put right with very good results.”

Remember this is common sense not alternative medicine.

This book has been written by Rolf Gordon after he has been involved with thousands of cancer cases, but also other seriously ill people over 24 years. Included are many success cases. This book is sent free to you, if you contact us.

You can also download a FREE PDF  copy of the book THE BIG FOUR

The Main Health Problems in Cases of Lupus

The main health problems that we deal with in cases of Lupus are:
Geopathic Stress which is the earth’s natural vibrations rising up through the earth and are distorted by weak electro magnetic fields, created mainly by subterranean running water. It was proved to the satisfaction of the German medical profession over 80 years ago and in millions of cases ever since, that Geopathic Stress is very detrimental to human health. It can be solved very quickly by moving a Geopathically Stressed bed into a safe place. (See rolfgordon.co.uk)
Micro Parasites which doctors have difficulty in detecting. We have found that one of the quickest and most successful methods of killing off all types of micro parasites, when antibiotics have failed, is AlliTech, containing 100% stabilised Allicin. Buy AlliTech Now
Q10 is the enzyme in every cell in your body, which gives them energy. That is why the largest amount of Q10 is in your heart. Q10 is developed in your liver from your food. Your liver is often weak if you are ill, so itcannot produce enough Q10, which is one of the reasons that you feel fatigued.
AcidAlkaline Balance pH One of the most important functions of your body is to ensure that your blood is slightly alkaline. Most seriously ill people have very acidic blood, which can be regulated very quickly at a very low cost.
Vitamin D is often very low in Lupus sufferers, as they cannot normally tolerate direct sun.


Lupus affects about 8000 people, in the UK, unfortunately for many on a permanent basis.
This wretched disease causes joint pain, skin rashes and tiredness. It often involves hair loss, weight loss, problems with your kidneys and other organs.
We have successfully treated two women.
Liz, who is 72 years old, had Lupus for over 4 years. She had a heavy rash on her face, could not walk and lost most of her hair. Now, she often walks 4 miles. She no longer has a rash nor joint pains and her hair has grown back. Liz’s liver and kidneys are now working normally again.
Mary, in her forties, was diagnosed with Lupus 2½ years ago, which made her feel very fatigued, had a ‘butterfly’ rash across the bridge of her nose, joint pains all over and felt no better after long orthodox treatment. Mary no longer has problems with Lupus and is now an active teacher again.
On her second check-up, over a three month period, Mary’s blood again showed no Lupus and the Professor, who specialises in Lupus, discharged Mary and said that she now looked healthier than most doctors at the hospital. When Mary told the Professor about our help, the Professor’s reply was ‘No’, Mary had ‘grown out of Lupus’. (‘Spontaneous healing’ is the usual explanation given by doctors when our advice has helped).
Several new Lupus cases that we are dealing with, are responding very well.

Electro Pollution

Electro Pollution has been called the silent killer of the modern age.

Not only do we have to deal with more electrical underground cables, overhead pylons and transformers to cope with our increased need for electricity, but our bodies now have to endure increased Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) from computers, Broadband, mobile phones, cordless telephones, wireless laptops, microwave ovens, televisions, mobile phone masts, vehicle navigation systems, etc.

We herewith introduce the new RadiTech range of neutralisers which not only deal with the increase in Geopathic Stress but also Electro-pollution.

Acid Alkaline Balance (pH)

Why I am completely baffled, that most cancer specialists take no notice of the pH of the blood of cancer patients, when it is one of the most important tests to check your body’s health and ensure that your blood is slightly alkaline at about 7.4pH.
This is as important as keeping to a healthy diet. Many nurses have confirmed to me that nearly all the patients on cancer wards, have very low pH. According to Dr Tullia Simoncini, the Italian cancer specialist, cancer tumours are highly acidic and Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda), also called base, has the powerful ability to neutralise a highly acidic tumour mass and stop it growing.
I had two severe cancer cases recently, where the carers informed me that both the patients had no appetite. I advised them to take two heaped teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda in water, first thing in the morning, for a few days. Then one level teaspoonful for about 7 days. Both got their appetites back immediately. One put on 2.5kg the first week.
Bicarbonate of Soda is one of the most important compound for your body and only costs about 83p for a year’s supply! Check your pH with pH litmus test strips – various suppliers on the internet, under pH litmus test strips.. If you are low, take one level teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda a day in a small cup of water, first thing in the morning, half an hour before any food. You may need to take this for 7 days or more. Check once a month to see if your pH is all right.