Ozonated Water

Ozone is the second most powerful disinfectant known and can rapidly destroy viruses, bacteria, fungi, micro-parasites and revitalise your whole body. Ozone will reduce side effects, when having chemotherapy and radiotherapy and when recovering from surgery. You can now produce it yourself very economically and quickly on a daily bases from tap water.

Nearly all of the body’s activities, from brain function to elimination, are regulated by oxygen. Ozone, often referred to as ‘activated oxygen’ and represented chemically as O3, is pure elemental oxygen, but with three atoms instead of the usual two atoms found in the oxygen that we breathe.

Ozone disinfects over 3000 times faster than chlorine and without the carcinogenic effects. It’s been used to disinfect water at waterworks for over 100 years. Ozone also destroys spores, moulds, cysts, yeasts and rival pathogens such as E.coli.

Ozone is approx. ten times more soluble in water than oxygen, so drinking ozonated water is a very powerful way to detox your body and remove those toxins through a simple chemical reaction which allows your liver and kidneys to process the waste water much more efficiently.

The OZX 3000 only uses 12 watts and weighs 500g; it connects to your household electrical supply through a transformer and should give you ages of trouble-free service.

Making ozonated water couldn’t be easier. Simply connect the plastic tube between the air dryer and the generator, which is connected to a power supply. Connect another plastic tube to the Ozonator and insert the other end, with an air stone connected, into a glass of chilled water. Switch ozonator on for 1 minute for each ½ pint (300 ml). Best to use chilled water from the fridge at 3c°. Drink the ozonated water fresh since the ozone will immediately begin to revert to oxygen and come out of the water.

The ozonator should be located in a clear and dry place well above the water line in the glass, to prevent water entering the generator. Operate the ozonator in a room with an open window.

  • You can drink up to 2 ½ pints of ozonated water per day (1 ½ litre)
  • Apart from water no other product is used
  • Ozonated water is very good for animals too
  • If you cannot drink cold water, put a small plate on top of the glass, with the cold ozonated water, until it is warmer.