Cancer The Full Menu – By Rolf Gordon

“This is the most comprehensive and informative book written on cancer. I strongly recommend it to anybody, whether or not they have cancer”.
Dr Patrick Kingsley who has dealt with thousands of cancer patients during 30 years in practice.

This book has been written to inform you of the ‘full menu’ when you speak to your cancer specialist, to ensure that the most suitable orthodox treatment is available to you. Also to let you know ‘the full menu’ regarding complementary remedies, to make sure your treatment is more successful and your cancer is less likely to return, or to minimise the chances of you getting cancer in the first place.
Rolf Gordon’s eldest son, Mads, died when he was 26 years old, of testicular cancer over 25 years ago. This made Rolf switch his energy from manufacturing a variety of industrial products, to searching the world to find out how to prevent cancer.

Orthodox treatment simply addresses the symptoms. Most do not prevent you getting cancer again.

Only your body can repair your weak immune system, which is the main cause of cancer in the first place. That is why you have to take charge of your own health and deal with THE BIG FOUR.

If orthodox treatment could always cure cancer, then there would be no need for complementary remedies, that is why about 50% of cancer patients turn to some form of complementary treatment.

This book is free to any medical student, to ensure they know what will be general knowledge within 20 years. (Name, address & proof required).

Quick and easy read
Each chapter on the 25 main types of cancer plus children’s and animal cancer can be read on their own.

All is written in an easy to read language in great detail about symptoms, research, explaining about individual cancers, diagnosis, latest orthodox treatment and how to ensure a higher success rate. There are also chapters on chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, lasers, nutrition, how your immune system works and powerful and successful complementary therapies.

Also what to take to hospital and how to successfully eliminate MRSA quickly if you get it. About financial help during cancer treatment, insurance and vaccinations when travelling abroad, how to help friends with cancer etc.

You will be lucky to find all this information within hundreds of hours on the internet or in books,yet what you are interested in can be read very quickly.

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