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Cry-Babies & Being Geopathically Stressed

In so many cases, parents had a peaceful night’s sleep, after their baby’s cot was moved to a Geopathically Stressed-free place, recommended by me.
Before contacting me, try and place the cot in various places or use the Muscle Test (described in ‘The Big Four’, page 32) to find a good place for the cot.

Here’s a link to a PDF copy of ‘The Big Four’ a hard copy is also available FREE of charge from our website click here.

If your baby is still crying, it may be because you are too anxious to comfort your baby too soon. In a recent article in The Daily Telegraph, researchers at Warwick University analysed data on almost 8,700 children and found in Denmark and Germany, crying levels are much lower, as parents are more relaxed about their babies and are more likely to wait a minute or two after they begin crying, before picking them up. Your baby may wake up and cry because it has had a bad dream, which it may soon forget about.

Another reason why babies cry a lot, is because they suffer from colic. If your baby is being breastfed, the mother may need to solve the baby’s digestion problems by taking OxyTech.
Babies as young as a few weeks old, with microparasites (mainly viruses), which antibiotics cannot destroy, have been cleared of micro-parasites within weeks by giving them half a teaspoonful of AlliTech Liquid with something they can tolerate, four times a day.

Have a peaceful night’s sleep.
Best wishes.

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Electro Pollution

Electro Pollution has been called the silent killer of the modern age.

Not only do we have to deal with more electrical underground cables, overhead pylons and transformers to cope with our increased need for electricity, but our bodies now have to endure increased Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) from computers, Broadband, mobile phones, cordless telephones, wireless laptops, microwave ovens, televisions, mobile phone masts, vehicle navigation systems, etc.

We herewith introduce the new RadiTech range of neutralisers which not only deal with the increase in Geopathic Stress but also Electro-pollution.

Geopathic Stress

The first thing you must take into account is Geopathic Stress discovered over 80 years ago and which millions of people world-wide, including thousands of doctors, now recognize is the only common factor in most cases of serious and long-term illness both physically and mentally.

Rolf Gordon explains how to detect Geopathic Stress in your own home and place of work and describes how to find the best places to sleep, sit and work.

“The most comprehensive book written on the subject.”

Click here here for Rolf Gordon’s personal site on Geopathic Stress

Feeling Depressed

Why are so many people depressed? It is often due to Geopathic Stress. Kath rang me the other day “my husband has been depressed for a long time. As soon as I installed a RadiTech, he awoke the next morning in a good mood and started whistling. It was the first time, he had talked properly to our grandson, who is staying with us”.