Keep a bottle of AlliTech Liquid in your fridge this winter in case you catch flu.

Hospitals have been told to empty as many beds as possible, amidst fears that the NHS may be about to face the worst flu season in its history.
This warning comes after Australia has had the worst flu season in the last 15 years, with two and half times as many cases as last year. What happens in Australia nearly always transmits to the UK, because of the ease of global travel and tourism.
In the UK last winter, the vaccine did not work in most cases of people aged 65 and over, because their immune system was weak.
Flu is mainly caused by viruses, which AlliTech has proved over many years it can deal with. Unfortunately, antibiotics can seldom destroy viruses.

If you get a heavy flu
Teenagers and adults take up to 3 normal teaspoonsful (15ml) AlliTech Liquid in the morning and 2 teaspoonsful (10ml) in the evening.  Keep taking until you have used two bottles of AlliTech Liquid (more than 20 days).
Followed by 2 x 450 mg AlliTech Capsules per day for 30 days.

Small children can take two half teaspoonsful mixed with something they can tolerate, twice a day, for several days. Older children, teenagers, and adults can normally take AlliTech Liquid each day, they do not catch flu in the first place.  AlliTech Liquid neat or with e.g a cool drink, milk, yoghurt or smoothie. Eating some parsley will help to eliminate the smell of garlic.
If you are high in micro parasites (mainly viruses) and you just cannot take AlliTech Liquid, then take 4 x 60 x 450 mg AlliTech Capsules. Take 4 capsules in the morning and 4 capsules in the evening for just over four weeks.
A few people who go out to work, worry that their breath may smell of garlic when they take the AlliTech Liquid in the morning. Take 4 x 450 mg AlliTech Capsules  each day, they do not catch flu in the first the morning on working days and 2 teaspoonsful of AlliTech Liquid in the evening. Then take 2 teaspoonsful of AlliTech Liquid in the morning and evening when not going to work, say at weekends. Some people find that they can only absorb AlliTech Liquid by rubbing it under their feet. Many people find that if they take one 450 mg AlliTech Capsule each day, they do not catch flu in the first place.

We are often told by people who take GoodHeart, that they do not seem to catch flu. This is because each GoodHeart capsule contains 180 mg of AlliTech. So, if you take two GoodHeart capsules per day, you are not only looking after your heart, but you are also absorbing 360 mg of AlliTech, to prevent you contracting viruses and flu.