Enhancing Immunity – The Fab Four

The Fab Four - Immunity Boosting Nutrients by Dulwich Health

As the weather cools down, the threat of winter viruses and bacteria looms, posing concerns for vulnerable groups like the elderly, obese individuals, and those with dietary issues. Bolstering your immune system becomes pivotal during these months to safeguard against seasonal illnesses.


Thanks to nature’s bounty, numerous food and plant compounds aid in fighting infections and curbing inflammation. Among these potent options, we’ve handpicked four supplements supported by robust evidence for immune support.


Renowned for its health benefits, Vitamin C shields cells from oxidative stress, particularly those in the lungs, susceptible to infections during this time. Opt for liposomal Vitamin C for maximum benefit, as it demonstrates higher circulating concentrations compared to standard oral supplements.

“Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C, awarded Best Immune Product, ensures superior bioavailability.”



Critical for immune system function, Vitamin D works synergistically with Vitamin C. Choose Vitamin D3 for enhanced absorption, especially beneficial for individuals with malabsorption conditions. The Neutrient D3 + K2 spray offers rapid absorption and is ideal for those struggling with pill intake.



Decades of research have underlined zinc’s vital role in immune function. Lozenge-form zinc, like Neutrient Zinc + C, soothes throat infections, fortifying seasonal resilience with bioactive zinc acetate and added Vitamin C.

Zinc’s involvement in countless enzymatic reactions bolsters the immune system’s overall efficiency. Studies have showcased its ability to reduce the severity and duration of common cold symptoms, underscoring its practicality during the winter months.



Enter Allicin, a powerhouse compound renowned for its immune-boosting properties. Allicin, found exclusively in AlliTech supplements, effectively combats infections. While Vitamin C, D, and Zinc can be obtained from various foods, Allicin is predominantly available via the AlliTech supplement, making it an essential component of the AlliTech Winter Booster Kit. This kit offers comprehensive immune support during the chilly season.

At Dulwich Health, our commitment lies in sourcing and providing premium-grade supplements that cater to your body’s specific needs. Our selection process emphasizes scientifically proven ingredients, ensuring each supplement delivers optimal effectiveness. With a focus on innovative formulations that prioritize bioavailability, such as Allicin from our AlliTech range, we provide solutions that amplify the body’s natural defense mechanisms. Backed by our dedication to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, Dulwich Health stands as your trusted ally in securing the best possible nutrition for fortifying your immune system and nurturing overall well-being.

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