Shake Off The Festive Slug

Shake of The Slug with Dulwich Health

As the festive spirit winds down, many of us find ourselves emerging from the holiday season with a tad more indulgence than intended. But fret not, because Dulwich Health is here to help you jump start those New Year resolutions and shake off the “Christmas slug” feeling.

Post-Holiday Recovery Made Easy

These five potent products from Dulwich Health pave the way for a seamless transition from holiday excess to a re-energized self in the New Year. Bid adieu to the post-Christmas slug and embark on a revitalizing journey with this detox pack.

CurraNZ New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract

Feeling like you’ve been dragging around Santa’s sack with a little extra holiday weight? Fear not! CurraNZ Blackcurrant Extract, born from the enchanting lands of New Zealand, hosts anthocyanins to bid adieu to the sluggishness. Your stealthy sidekick for shedding those holiday pounds effectively. CurraNZ also benefits users with improved immunity, energy levels, and a dash of superpower to battle post-holiday blues! 

“These little blackcurrant capsules are my BEST KEPT SECRET! I swear, they’ve helped me feel lighter, fresher, and more energetic, and helping to shed that extra mummy weight. Here’s to a berry-licious start!”
– Valarie, Verified Customer




Let’s face it, the holiday season indulges our taste buds but not always our tummy. Enter OxyTech—a genie in a capsule for bloating, constipation, and the ‘slug’ lurking in your intestines from all that merry-making! It’s your ticket to bid farewell to the festive food hangover.

“I forgot about constipation and bloated tummy since I started taking these tablets and I take them over a year now. I have recommended the product to my family and friends.
– Edita P, Verified Customer


VitTech Mega Multi Vitamins

Think of VitTech Mega Multi as your New Year’s sidekick—packed with more superheroes (aka vitamins and minerals) than a Marvel movie! It’s your shield against the holiday aftermath, offering immune support, energy-boosting powers, and mental clarity. Consider it your power-up potion for a fresh start!

“”This multivitamin is a game-changer this winter. I was lagging, but these vitamins seemed to have waved a wand over my energy levels. Definitely sticking with these in the New Year!”
– DominiQ, Verified Customer




Say hello to the friendly gut guardians! Bio-Culture’s acidophilus probiotics are like tiny holiday helpers, restoring your gut’s jolly good balance. Bid farewell to the ‘holiday tummy’ blues and embrace your digestive cheerleader for a happier, healthier New Year!

“I never thought I’d thank probiotics for my holiday rescue! These capsules were a ‘gut’ decision after a festive period of bad eating and binging on alcohol. . and they’ve brought back my balance. A must-have for my post-festivity routine!”
– Cathy, Verified Customer



Detoxology Detox Footpads

Ever wished for a magic trick to detoxify while in dreamland? Voila! The Detoxology Detox Footpads work their wizardry as you snooze. These pads, laid under your feet at bedtime, act as mystical acupuncture points, banishing toxins and leaving you feeling lighter.

I was skeptical at first, but after using these detox footpads for a week, I couldn’t believe the gunk they pulled out. I must say, waking up to see the change in colour was oddly satisfying. A playful way to kick off my New Year’s resolution.”
– Mariam, Verified Customer


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