Electro Pollution

Electro Pollution has been called the silent killer of the modern age.

Not only do we have to deal with more electrical underground cables, overhead pylons and transformers to cope with our increased need for electricity, but our bodies now have to endure increased Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) from computers, Broadband, mobile phones, cordless telephones, wireless laptops, microwave ovens, televisions, mobile phone masts, vehicle navigation systems, etc.

We herewith introduce the new RadiTech range of neutralisers which not only deal with the increase in Geopathic Stress but also Electro-pollution.

Acid Alkaline Balance (pH)

Why I am completely baffled, that most cancer specialists take no notice of the pH of the blood of cancer patients, when it is one of the most important tests to check your body’s health and ensure that your blood is slightly alkaline at about 7.4pH.
This is as important as keeping to a healthy diet. Many nurses have confirmed to me that nearly all the patients on cancer wards, have very low pH. According to Dr Tullia Simoncini, the Italian cancer specialist, cancer tumours are highly acidic and Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda), also called base, has the powerful ability to neutralise a highly acidic tumour mass and stop it growing.
I had two severe cancer cases recently, where the carers informed me that both the patients had no appetite. I advised them to take two heaped teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda in water, first thing in the morning, for a few days. Then one level teaspoonful for about 7 days. Both got their appetites back immediately. One put on 2.5kg the first week.
Bicarbonate of Soda is one of the most important compound for your body and only costs about 83p for a year’s supply! Check your pH with pH litmus test strips – various suppliers on the internet, under pH litmus test strips.. If you are low, take one level teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda a day in a small cup of water, first thing in the morning, half an hour before any food. You may need to take this for 7 days or more. Check once a month to see if your pH is all right.

When Antibiotics No Longer Work

Why are antibiotics becoming less and less effective? Because the over-prescription of antibiotics over many years have given bugs the chance to grow stronger and resistant to treatment. One large survey showed that one-third of patients given antibiotics had no infection at all. Often, antibiotics are given for viruses on which they do not work.

Experts estimate that within 5 years no antibiotics will be effective for chest and various other infections. In the meantime, stronger antibiotics are used, resulting in more side-effects such as drowsiness, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, constipation, skin rashes, itching, depression, sweating etc.

Fortunately, about 15 years ago, British chemists managed to extract 100% stabilised allicin from garlic, making it nature’s own very powerful, antiparasitic, antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-fungal and immune booster with no side-effects reported. Allicin is now not only succeeding where antibiotics no longer are, but has been very successful too, in cases of MRSA, Lyme’s disease, cold sores, Lupus and Thrush. Strong Allicin liquid has also been remarkable in dealing with pneumonia and upper respiratory infections, in many cases within days by using it in a nebuliser. Allicin is sold by Dulwich Health as AlliTech Liquid (very strong), capsules and gel (for skin problems).

Just to prove that AlliTech does not have a strong placebo effect, horses, dogs, cats and even apes have all been successfully treated, where antibiotics have no longer been effective. Animals just love AlliTech.

Horse with 15 years of Parasites
Macca, a 27 year old mare, had itchy skin for the majority of her life, diagnosed as ringworm anthrospores of the trichophyon species. After giving her 20 ml of AlliTech Liquid per day in her feed, Macca was no longer itching after three days. They continued to give her AlliTech liquid for a few weeks, when the vet’s skin scrape showed that the microbes had gone. Macca’s owner said: “It is amazing, as we have spent over 15 years trying to help her with injections, shampoos, herbal food supplements and so on”.

Puppy with Kennel Cough
Antibiotics over a period of time had shown no results in helping a puppy with kennel cough. The powder contents of one AlliTech Capsule 450mg was spread onto the puppy’s food, twice for one day. The puppy loved it. During the night, the puppy did not wake up with her usual cough and the next day, it had no symptoms.

Horse quick recovery
Magic was one year old when he became very ill. The vet put him on massive doses of antibiotics with no results. 10ml AlliTech Liquid was initially put into Magic’s mouth with a syringe. Within a few days he got his appetite back, so the AlliTech liquid was put into his feed. In less than 10 days, a marked improvement was seen in Magic’s health and after three weeks he was as lively as all the other horses in the field.

Apes with Dysentery
A group of Bonnel Masque Apes in Nepal, India had very bad dysentery and were only given a week to live without treatment. The keepers tried to inject Metronidozolr, a very strong antibiotic, into avocados and other fruits for the apes to eat, but the apes refused to eat them. However, when the contents of 450mg capsules of Allicin were sprinkled onto avocados, the apes ate the food as if there was no tomorrow. Within a very short time, the apes were well again.

Horse Chestnut Trees
In the Netherlands and many other countries, Horse Chestnut Trees are now dying due to being infected by Pseudomonas Syringoe fungus. A tree expert has saved over 400 Horse Chestnut Trees In the Netherlands and many other countries, Horse Chestnut Trees are now dying due to being infected by Pseudomonas Syringoe fungus. A tree expert has saved over 400 Horse Chestnut Trees by injecting 10 litres of AlliTech Liquid under high pressure into the trees.

Geopathic Stress

The first thing you must take into account is Geopathic Stress discovered over 80 years ago and which millions of people world-wide, including thousands of doctors, now recognize is the only common factor in most cases of serious and long-term illness both physically and mentally.

Rolf Gordon explains how to detect Geopathic Stress in your own home and place of work and describes how to find the best places to sleep, sit and work.

“The most comprehensive book written on the subject.”

Click here here for Rolf Gordon’s personal site on Geopathic Stress

Feeling Depressed

Why are so many people depressed? It is often due to Geopathic Stress. Kath rang me the other day “my husband has been depressed for a long time. As soon as I installed a RadiTech, he awoke the next morning in a good mood and started whistling. It was the first time, he had talked properly to our grandson, who is staying with us”.